Full Stack Developers

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Full Stack Developers

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Excellent opportunity for Full Slack Developer engineers to apply your knowledge and learn more about the predominant technologies in the world. You will work with a leading and growing company. You will be working with teams based outside Guatemala to build blockchain DApps for our clients. Build mobile apps using latest technologies, build and integrate with RESTful APIs for fully functional apps. Objectives: Build mobile apps using latest technologies, build and integrate with RESTful APIs for fully functional apps; Build blockchain apps; Continuous learning of new technology trends to apply such knowledge in your daily activities and new proposals; Integrate APIs and services.

Work in our premises in Guatemala. Excellent working environment. Law and extra benefits. Excellent learning opportunities. Competitive salary & Flexible hours. Smart colleagues & Innovative technologies. Reliable and trustworthy team members.

IT Engineers preferred.  In case you are not graduated, you must have the technical skills and knowledge to apply. Ability to be a technical consultant (the candidate may find in situations where he/she is expected to be the expert in the area and make recommendations to problems and provide solutions and implementations). Intermediate English Level (oral and written) (Many times you will be part of work teams where all members speak only English). Strong software development fundamentals, OOP and Functional Programming. Have implemented end to end projects with frontend and backend technologies. Work well within a team environment and enjoy working with your colleagues. Enthusiasm and ability to self-learn new technologies with guidance. Showcase product approach to frontend development. Problem solver with “get-shit-done” approach. Contribution to complex open source projects. Professional client driven communication. Knowledge in Note, Angular, React, HTML5, JavaScript. Knowledge of WServices, APIs, At least one project on either of backend technologies - .NET or Java or Node or PHP. At least one project on either of frontend technologies - Angular or React or React Native. At least two projects on HTML5 / JS / CSS. Leadership, Empathy, Teamwork, Self-learning. While applying for the job, please include the link to the open source projects and features you have contributed to. If you have worked as a freelancer and finished projects, that’s a plus!
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If you are interested, submit your ENGLISH RESUME to talento@talentopolis.net indicating the job opportunity to which you apply or apply directly on talentopolis.net.

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