Junior Software Developer- Implementation & Customization

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Puesto: Junior Software Developer- Implementation & Customization

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Responsibilities: Prepare and review program specifications based on technical and design specifications from the technical manager or team leader. Write computer programs and utilize the system GUI to customize/configure specific applications, assemble and create unit test data to test program decision processes prior to turnover for Quality Assurance testing. Support the QA team including performance of hand-on testing. Analyze problems in terms of application system and programming requirements. Make modifications to the customize programs and configuration to ensure that the program and configuration meets the specifications and conforms to the overall system. Produce and maintain program installation and documentation. Perform investigation and research of system environments (i.e., reporting systems, switching systems, computer systems, etc.) to assist in resolving existing program problems or identify solutions to new business requirements. Make necessary modifications for systems that have been centrally developed by analyzing the configuration and program, determining the problem, and applying the corrective procedure.

Between 20 and 30 years old

Rango Salarial:
US$1,000 – US$1,250


About US$1,000 – US$1,250 per month based on experience, technical and english skills.

No gender preference. Education: Bachelor’s Degree in related field (Computer science or Telecommunications are preferred) or 2-3 years relevant experience without college or university degree. Experience: Must: Basic Knowledge in SQL, PL/SQL. Basic Knowledge in Java scripts. Good communication, fluent English and interpersonal skills. Advantage: Telecom pre- and postpaid systems, mediation, switches. Experience in TOAD, software development, use of Test Director System (or similar Bug tracking system), Telecommunication and IP networks. – Advantage. UNIX, Linux and Windows operating system. – Advantage.

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Resume in english with photo. Email:angel.deleon@cvidya.com .

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