Software Quality Assurance Tester

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Puesto: Software Quality Assurance Tester
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Develops and implements total quality management (TQM) programs and initiatives. Conducts audits and reviews/analyzes data and documentation. Develops, implements, and leads key process improvement efforts and influences cross-functional efforts. Assists in the development of systematic approaches for assuring high quality services. Makes continual improvement of products, processes and systems.


Great and Competitive Salary. Law Benefits. Life & Medical Insurance. Up to date Technology. Career Path.


Computer Science degree (preferable). 3+ years of experience with the following: Software Testing (required), Black Box and White Box Testing, Automated Testing. Excellent Problem Solving and Reasoning Skills. 80% of English Proficiency.

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Indicate in the possition you are applying to Mail: , Mail: , Tel: 2413-8151.

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