IT Developer

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The IT Developer (ITD) analyzes, develops, deploys, troubleshoots and maintains the web based software created in house or acquired by the company. This includes Intranet/Internet, Data entries and applications required by all the departments and divisions. Qualifications: University studies (Bachelor’s degree preferably) in Computer Science, Information Systems, or related computer field, or 2-4 years of development experience in web and stand alone environments. Strong knowledge of OOP (Object oriented programming), Structured Programming and Event-driven Programming paradigms. Strong knowledge of XML (Space names, rules, etc). Strong knowledge of XHMTL (Tables, Forms and element’s events, Layers, etc). Strong knowledge of CSS (Cascade Style Sheets). Strong knowledge of JavaScript (Functions and Events, DOM implementation). Knowledge of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is desirable. Strong knowledge of PHP specially interaction with databases, particularly MYSQL and Session handling. PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) knowledge desirable. Strong knowledge of SQL for queries and Programming for Stored Procedures and Triggers specially MYSQL. Strong interpersonal and customer service skills. Faster adaptation to technology changes. Knowledge of Windows/Linux/UNIX is needed. English language 80% (written and spoken). Own a car.

Salario: Q.8,000.00
Comienzo: Inmediato
Duración: Indefinida
Tipo de trabajo: Tiempo Completo
Solicitudes:Enviar CV por correo electrónico.
Contacto: Luisa Martinez

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